Harmonizing Avro and Python: A Dance of Data Classes

Christos Hadjinikolis | 07 November 2023

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Agile In Action

31 October 2023

`— title: “Sailing Through Data Science: The Agile Journey at Vortexa” author: Christos Hadjinikolis layout: post —

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Complete Guide to Python Envs (MacOS)

Christos Hadjinikolis | 14 February 2021

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Christos Hadjinikolis | 02 September 2020

So here is the thing… I love discussing politics; I think that everyone should, at least occasionally, bother themselves with what is happening in their country’s political scenery.

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Style Transfer in Heraklion

Christos Hadjinikolis | 15 August 2020

I am currently in Crete for my annual get away. Crete is an amazing island with many beautiful places to visit and a vast history that goes all the way back to the Minoans in 3500 BC.

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Agile Data Science

Christos Hadjinikolis | 11 August 2020

Re-posting from https://www.iunera.com/

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AWS ML Certification

Christos Hadjinikolis | 29 July 2020

I recently took the AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty. I went through a lot of work in order to adequately prepare for this exam and I can tell you that it is indeed one of the hardest AWS certifications. Nevertheless, with proper preparation and a bit of dedication you should be fine.

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Just do it!

Christos Hadjinikolis | 28 July 2020

The thing about writing a blog-post is that you are exposing yourself to the world; it feels a lot like flying for the first time.

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